Becoming a Member

Credit Union Members are both customers and owners. As a customer, you receive the services you want and as an owner you enjoy a return on your share investment in the form of competitive rates, a full range of financial products, and control of your own local financial institution.

  • Share in the profits of the credit union
  • Have a vote in decisions
  • Be respected

As an owner you get to influence the progress of your business. There is a volunteer Board of Directors that you elect with your right to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

To become a member-owner of MemberOne Credit Union you must become a shareholder first.  When you open your account at MemberOne, you start with $150 in shares to open your membership share account.  When the credit union earns profits, they are paid out as dividends on your member share investment.

Who Can Join?

Anyone!  Originally, MemberOne was dedicated to serve employees of the Ontario WS&IB or Safety Association affiliates, plus their family members and retired employees.  Later, under the Credit Union Act, 1995, MemberOne Credit Union was allowed to accept a limited number of community members into membership.

In 2008, MemberOne gained  provincial government approval to allow all individuals and neighborhood businesses to take advantage of the many benefits of membership at MemberOne Credit Union.   So join today and enjoy the benefits of a financial institution that truly believes “it’s all about you.”

Choose  MemberOne Credit Union for all your financial needs.